Koranyi's work is primarily in oil painting and printmaking, such as etchings, monoprints and stone lithographs. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Koranyi currently resides in Santa Monica, California. Koranyi's work is an interesting wealth of symbolic systems contained in the motifs of Hungarian folk art. Inspired by these folk motifs, he combines them with great imagination to his contemporary artworks. His fascinating symbols are common in both ancient and modern cultures. Combining ancient symbols along with the symbols he creates himself are the major characteristics of his work. Living in Los Angeles has had a profound effect on Koranyi's recent work. The many different cultures living together in L.A. represent a modem culture. Since Koranyi's first exhibition in 1978 his continued success in the U.S. and Europe is attributed to his imaginative, innovative style.


An Oregon sculptor, now living in California, Richen is famous for his stainless steel and bronze pieces. Richen's work is delicate, three-dimensional and often immense in size. The size of Richen's work make it appealing to corporate buyers whose buildings can easily accommodate it. His work represents nature in the abstract form the man-made metal shaped to depict the spontaneity and movement of the natural world. His tall, eight or nine foot high, bronze castings that represent totem-like figures, have received widespread praise. Richen's eye for the grand scale and his passion for metalworking began with his first career in architecture. His work can be found in numerous public and private collections. Commissions are welcome.


Sabzi's subjects are almost always depicted as beautiful, graceful women in a state of solitude. His women are madonnas, modern goddesses and martyred saints, whose elongated forms, taut and uneasy manners suggest instability and internal strains. Their stereotypical faces, defined by universal anonymity, transform them into religious icons. These forms and faces are perfect and seek perfection as did the elongated and serene faces of Christian madonnas and saints. Another source of influence comes from Cezanne and Matisse. The treatment of the human face as luminous geometric planes, though schematic is nevertheless a profound statement of the artist's quest for spirituality. Sabzi's paintings are emotional, powerful and intimate.


Venezuelan painter Rojas represents our ancestors, our ethnic personalities and our legends in his fabulous paintings. His paintings depict the native navigators of other waters, with their faces and details vanished. The images Ivan Rojas uses are common for the people that live from the sea, sand, and the land. His work also show a serious and reflective process between men and their environment. His work is exciting, energetic, vibrant and he shows enormous talent as an artist. Ivan's artwork can


Willette is a New Yorker who paints the real New York. His rooftop paintings make you feel like you are in Soho. In his new series he uses mixed media-paints, newspaper and found objects, which he incorporates into his paintings and make them come alive.


Born in Yugoslavia in 1955 Stankic is an artist of naive art. His unique style shows some major cities at their best. His best paintings are idealistic and imaginary. Stankic prepares his own canvases, which are carefully treated to last a life time. Stankic has exhibited in several European countries and many cities in the U. S.


Barely in her thirties, Paquet is a highly acclaimed floral artist from Quebec. Her ingenious style combines acrylics, purity of line, and explosive color. Paquet's primitive, rapid brush strokes bring pristine gardens to life.


Berkley's goal in creating her art is to create a sense of mystery and awe. Her success comes when she strikes a common cord that moves her and the viewer. Each symbolic figure or item in her paintings represent an emotion, event or experience within her life. What makes Holland's work so appealing, is that while these experiences are very personal to Holland, they are usually common feelings to all people. After receiving her B.F.A., Holland taught art in public schools before pursuing a career as a full time artist. Over the years she has received many awards and exhibited in galleries and museums across the country. Her work can be found in numerous public and private collections, including the Disney and Exxon Corporation.


At the age of 15 Hessam discovers both his love and talent for painting. Receiving his first award at age 17, Hessam continued to achieve many national and international honors for his artwork. While studying art in Italy Hessam pursued his first love in the area of portraiture. Hessam also studied widely in other styles including impressionism, surrealism, cubism and modern art. Hessam's paintings are always influenced by the atmosphere he is living in. While in Italy Hessam's paintings were bright, quiet and relaxed. Later works after visiting Persia become darker, activity more frenetic and less realistic in style. Hessam currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues to paint. His work is exhibited in Asia, Europe and North America, influenced by all his experiences and travels.


In 1980, Jurgen began exhibiting his work all over Germany. His paintings are nearly exclusive colors made of plant extracts applied to cotton. The pigments of these colors are taken from flowers, leaves and roots. As a result of this technique, his paintings are an exquisite display of color and lucidity. Jurgen Kadow shows us in his artistic work the elementary power of symbols, the magic of colors from nature, the tenderness of thoughts and his clear and forceful determination.


Michael Wilkinson is a romantic sculptor for the nineties. He is one of the very few artists working in clear acrylic being able to create illusions impossible to an opaque medium. In the past five years Wilkinson has established a reputation as a producer of exquisite, elegantly sensuous, innovative sculpture. His refined sculpture transcends the physical reality it depicts. Wilkinson uses one of the newest substances in the arts he describes as "space-age material"--it nevertheless represents a return to the romantic tradition. Wilkinson's works are hallmarks of Romantic Art, which is virtually nonexistent in the twentieth century.


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